Authentic grinding on millstones

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Hermus Made mills all grains traditionally on millstones

This makes our product different from other (water)mills. What is different about our product? Because we mill the whole kernel in one go, all nutrients are better preserved in the flour. For example, with us, the germ is always incorporated in the flour, as it contains many important nutrients and it naturally gives a full-bodied flavour to our flour.

How does it differ from a watermill or a cylinder mill?

? In a watermill, the kernel is milled and completely disassembled into as many as 20 different parts. With us, however, the kernel is only milled once and our whole wheat flour is also not sieved, and therefore, everything that is in the grain is retained with us.

Products from our mill

Baking mixes

Organic meal and flour

Biological dynamic DEMETER meal and flour

Meal and flour

Milling is not the only thing we do at Hermus Made

In our mixing facility, we can, for example, mix raw materials with a Nauta mixer. We use this to make bakery and baking mixes, but we can also mix nuts, seeds or muesli with it. We do this for our own range but also for other companies. View our range for all products.

On the bagging line, we can package our products in open-mouth and valve bags of 10 to 25 kg. Big bags are also possible. On this line, we package our own milled product, but we also package products for other companies.

Moreover, we have our gluten-free department. This is a separate part of our building so we can guarantee that the products we process there remain gluten-free. We can mill gluten-free grains here and package them in open-mouth bags. It is also possible to repack gluten-free products from big bags to sachets.

Furthermore, for projects, we can clean and bag grains or possibly mill them on our millstones. We can do this from 1000 kg to full loads.

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CO packing

With our Co-pack activities, we can mill, mix or package for other companies. Because we can do a lot in-house, we are flexible in this respect and can offer many companies a solution for a lack of space or production or for launching new projects.

Small packaging

We have two packaging lines in our small packaging department. On line 1, we make bags of 200 grams to 5 kg, these bags are sewn or sealed shut. On line 2, we make sealed bags of 100 grams to 1 kg on a Rovema machine. We have a nice range of consumer packaging; ranging from traditionally milled meal and flour to ready-made baking mixes for the home baker.