Small packaging

We use two different packaging lines for our small packaging

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Various packaging lines for small packaging

We use two different packaging lines for our small packaging. When deploying the packaging line, the production capacity, appearance of the product and purpose are all taken into account.

We are able to produce large batches quickly with a Rovema seal machine, but we can also fill smaller batches in a stitched Kraft bag. By carefully looking at the ultimate wishes of the customer, we can offer a wide range of packaging solutions. We fill our products starting from a weight of 100 grams and up to 5000 grams.

Possibilities of our small packaging


Packaging lines


Packaging with your company label

Mechanical weighing is carried out on both packaging lines and a weight check is carried out via a second weigher. We have also built metal detectors into the production lines. We work according to the globally recognised FSSC 22000 food safety certification.

With our private labels, we produce Joep’s organic products and Hermus. We also produce for several customers under their own label. For the most part, we package products with an organic or biodynamic origin, Skal or Demeter certified.

CO packing

With our Co-pack activities, we can mill, mix or package for other companies. Because we can do a lot in-house, we are flexible in this respect and can offer many companies a solution for a lack of space or production or for launching new projects.


Hermus Made mills all grains authentically on millstones. This distinguishes our product from other (water)mills. What is different about our product?