Organic meal and flour products

Milled traditionally on millstones

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Organic meal and flour

Our organic meal and flour products are milled traditionally on millstones. The grains we use as raw material are grown on land that does not use fertilisers or other aids and which are certified organic. We try to use Dutch grains as much as possible but since the Netherlands is not a grain country, the right quality is not always available. As a result, we buy from partners in Europe, namely Germany and France, with whom we have been doing business for a long time.

Products from our mill

Baking mixes

Biological dynamic DEMETER meal and flour

Meal and flour products

CO packing

With our Co-pack activities, we can mill, mix or package for other companies. Because we can do a lot in-house, we are flexible in this respect and can offer many companies a solution for a lack of space or production or for launching new projects.

Small packaging

We have two packaging lines in our small packaging department. On line 1, we make bags of 200 grams to 5 kg, these bags are sewn or sealed shut. On line 2, we make sealed bags of 100 grams to 1 kg on a Rovema machine. We have a nice range of consumer packaging; ranging from traditionally milled meal and flour to ready-made baking mixes for the home baker.